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Psychedelic Integration
& Counseling 

Sacred Counsel is a multidisciplinary association of licensed therapists, doctors, and wellness experts specialized in psychedelic integration, harm reduction & education.  We offer hourly sessions as well as multi-month coaching programs that are precisely curated to meet the needs, goals, and spontaneity of the healing journey.

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This is the best option for short-term, 

immediate support at your own pace. You can book directly from our website with the therapist or coach best suited to your needs.​


Our one month intensive program is ideal for individuals who are preparing for an upcoming psychedelic experience, or just returning from one and want to optimize their integration.


Our most comprehensive coaching program is a 3 month intensive where you'll work closely with our entire team for a highly-personalized, life-changing journey. 

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About Sacred Counsel

Through our interweaving personal and professional journeys, we have experienced & witnessed the incredible shifts that psychedelic medicines can initiate, and we recognize the need for quality support with those who wish to do this work in a safe, intentional, and effective way. 


We hold deep reverence for these sacred medicines, and honor them as a catalyst for growth - not a replacement for self-work. As such, our diversely-skilled team have come together to create an integrative psychedelic support system that emphasizes self-leadership, skill development, health optimization, and community action.  We look forward to meeting you!



5 Rhythms Somatic Integration
5 Rhythms Somatic Integration
Multiple Dates
This is a 3 Series introducing Somatic Movement & Dance for integrating body mind and spirit in the company of community. Alexa Iya Soro will guide the hour long process as inspired by Gabrielle Roth
Jun 14, 2024, 3:00 PM – Jun 29, 2024, 4:00 PM

Our monthly Community Integration circle is a space to ask questions, share story,

and connect for enriching conversations, both on and off the topic of psychedelics.

 This is a free event, open to the community by voluntary donation.

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April 16| 6:00 EST | Zoom

Voluntary Donation

Looking for 1 on 1 support?
Reach out for a free Discovery Call.

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Sacred Counsel does not provide psychoactive or controlled substances. Many controlled substances are illegal. The illegal use of a controlled substance may result in criminal consequences. Using controlled substances outside of the lawful supervision of a medical professional may also result in serious health complications including death. We are a harm education & reduction company. Please use your discretion and consult a medical professional to ensure our services meet your needs. Any referrals to third parties that we may provide are informational, for your convenience only, and based on the criteria you provide to us. You are solely responsible for making a selection of a practitioner or other service and determining whether he/she/they are appropriate for you. No referral is an endorsement or recommendation of the practitioner or their services. Please conduct your due diligence on any practitioner you use. We do not provide referrals to “underground” (illegal) psychedelic services. Any information received through our services should be considered for educational purposes and not be misconstrued as medical or legal advice. Please use your discretion and consult with a medical professional to ensure our services meet your needs.

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