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Our 12 Week Transformtion is our most comprehensive psychedelic integration option designed for individuals who are preparing for an upcoming retreat or psychedelic experience with intentions for a major shift in perspective. 


During this highly personalized, 3-month healing journey, you'll work with closely with multiple highly-skilled therapists and coaches who will give you the support you need every step of the way. 


This program is designed to provide 4 preparation sessions before your retreat and 8 integrtion sessions after, though individual programs may be tailored otherwise to best suit your needs.    ​

 Week 1 - Setting Intentions 


  • Comprehensive intake review 

  • Safety or medical considerations 

  • Setting a clear and realistic intention 

  • Managing expectations 


Week 2- Therapuetic Session


  • Identifying core wounds and trauma

  • Identifying strengths and natural gifts

  • Tapping into subconscious belieifs 

Week 3 - Health & Diet Preparation​

  • We create a bio-individualized diet and wellness plan to get you into optimized physical form before your retreat. 

  • We work with Functional Medicine lab testing to address existing health imbalances and explore long-term protocols for healing.  

  • Reduce physical toxicities and replenish nutrient deficiencies 

  • Learn practical self-care tips for optimizing metabolic function, detoxification, and recovery.

  • Break a sweat in a 1 on 1 session with our personal fitness trainer. 

Week 4 - Cerremony Prepartion 

  • Identifying emerging themes

  • Revisiting our intention

  • Addressing challenges

  • Learning practical skills for navigating the psychedelic experience 

  • Lean to self-regulate your nervous system

  • Tips for the art of surrender ​

  • Retreat preparation, what to bring, what to leave behind, etc.

  • Planning your integration 

Week 5-12: Integration (post experience)

  • Support with psychedelic aftercare, creating a soft landing

  • Identifying core themes from your experience ​

  • Keeping inspiration alive 

  • Implementing and keeping commitments to self 

  • Exploring plant allyship with microdosing and herbalism 

  • Tools for continued self discovery 

  • Integrating into community



Included In Your Program:

  • Full color interractive PDF with full program shedule
  • Personalized resources to support your journey (books, podcasts, lectures, etc)
  • Free access to all our online courses 
  • Invitation to our monthly Community Intgration Circle 
  • 10% discount coupon to all future coaching wtih Sacred Counsel 

Full Season - Twelve Week Transformation

  • 1. The first step with any guest is to have a free Discovery Call. This can happen either before or after you place your order, but is prerequisite to begin the coaching program.  

    2. After our discovery call, we'll send you an email with a pdf containing all the resources you'll need for your 12 week process. 

    If you have any questions, you can always reach us at



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