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Integrative Coaching Programs

Our integrative programs are highly focused, longer term experiences where a multi-week itinerary is created specially for you.  We believe that true healing does not always happen according to plan, so the exact content of each package may vary based on your individual needs.  

If you need some guidance deciding on the right program for you, we would love to connect with you for a free Discovery Call.  

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Hourly Sessions

Go at your own pace with hourly sessions with any member of our staff with quick and easy booking directly from our website. 


Lunar Cycle

The Lunar Cycle program is a 1 Month Intensive ideal for individuals who are preparing for an upcoming psychedelic experience, or just returning from one and want to optimize their integration.


Full Season

Our most comprehensive coaching program is the Full Season programa 3 Month Transformation where you'll work closely with our entire team for an entire season for a highly-personalized, llife-changing journey.


Inner Landscapes -

Home Microdosing Program

If you want to explore the subtler teachings of the sacred mushroom in the comfort of your own home, this program is for you.  We ship all your (legal) materials to your door.

Coming Soon

21 Day Detox & Metabolic Reset

This is a 3 week Functional Medicine detox program for unlocking the power of true metabolic health.  This is a great option for those preparing for ayahuasca, or other plant medicines where carreful diet iis required. 


Sacred Cacao Facilitator Training

This is a 1 on 1 facilitator training with Moses Draper, founder of Embue Cacao and ceremony facilitator with over 13 years of experience.  Learn to hold space for others with this beautiful, heart opening medicine.

Coming Soon
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