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What is Psychedelic Integration?

Psychedelic Integration is the difference between an experience that comes and goes, and an experience that marks your life's turning point. Sacred medicines like psilocybin, ayahuasca, DMT, mescaline, and LSD are teachers, and experiences with these substances, with the proper guidance, can bring profound revelations into our true nature, including insights into the root causes of our traumas and negative behaviors that may be difficult to access with conventional therapy.  As profound as these experiences can be, they are, like all things, transient.  The ecstasy wears off, the ceremony ends, and then it's back to normal life.    


Psychedelic integration is a guided process of alchemizing the insights from the psychedelic experience into lasting change.  It involves a structured and therapeutic approach to help you integrate the insights, emotions, and revelations gained during a psychedelic journey into your daily life.  This looks different for everyone, and our role is to meet you with precisely the support you need, which will likely evolve over time. 


Psychedelic integration acknowledges that these substances can open doors to new perspectives, but it emphasizes the importance of grounding these experiences in a way that promotes lasting positive changes and psychological healing.


Recipients of our psychedelic integration support will be guided by an entourage of diversely-qualified coaches, therapists, medical experts, and ceremony facilitators who share decades of experience.  

Medical / Safety

  • Risk assessment for psychedelic use / is this right for you?

  • Holistic support for pharmaceutical tapering.

Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Coaching


  • Setting a clear and realistic intention 

  • Cultivating a good mindset 

  • Creating a supportive environment for journey work

  • Identifying life patterns & themes

  • Ritual safety

  • Cross-cultural considerations

  • Dosing guidelines 

  • Expectation management

  • Tools for navigating challenging psychedelic experiences. 

  • ​Psychedelic aftercare

  • Global cosmology education

  • Long-term goal setting & life coaching

Health & Wellness 

  • Bio-individualized diet plans 

  • Breathwork and meditation instruction

  • Personal fitness training

  • Functional medicine lab testing 

  • Detoxification programs

  • Lifestyle coaching

Community & Integration

  • Monthly group Integration Calls 

  • Tools for continued self-discovery

  • Online courses and self-guided education

  • Cultural immersions and in-person retreats 

How do I get started?

If this is your first time receiving support from us, the journey begins by scheduling a free consultation call - a 30-minute exploration for us to learn more about your intentions and to see if we're the right fit for you.  If it feels like a mutual "yes", we will begin to craft a personalized coaching program specifically suited to your needs. 

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Acts of service

These are a few of the ways our team can support you

for a safe, intentional, and well-integrated experience.


  • Cultivating Mental & Emotional Health

    • Trauma Processing

    • Grief Companionship

    • Addiction Recovery

    • Behavior / Core Belief Repatterning 

    • Mind / Heart Coherence

    • EMDR

    • Internal Family Systems 

  • Psychedelic Preparation

    • Intention Setting 

    • Facilitator / Retreat Selection

    • Expectation Management 

    • Creating Set & Setting

    • Dosing Guidelines

    • Global Cosmology Education 

    • Ritual Safety 

    • Tools for Psychedelic Navigation 

  • Psychedelic Integration 

    • Meaning Making​ & Abiding in the Mystery

    • Adjusting to Energetic Shifts

    • Daily Practices for Sustaining Connection

    • Cultivating Other-Than-Human Relationships 

Medical & Safety

  • Medical Risk Assessment 

  • Psychedelic Harm Reduction & Education 

  • Guest Vetting (for Facilitators & Retreat Producers)

  • Holistic support for Pharmaceutical Tapering


Health & Wellness 

  • Functional Wellness Coaching

  • Bio-Individualized Diet Plans 

  • Breathwork and Meditation

  • Personal Fitness Training

  • Functional Medicine Lab Testing 

  • Detoxification Programs

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Body Transformation



  • Monthly Community Integration Calls 

  • Online Courses and Self-Guided Education

  • Conscious Parenting

  • Rites of Passage​​

  • Community Leadership

  • Business Coaching

  • Cultural immersions and Retreats 

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